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  • You can estimate the time and cost of a cleaning visit by using this guide.

  • The Residential Cleaning Services list above describes what we do in each room.

  • First cleans take longer as we adjust to your space, deep clean any neglected areas, and develop a rhythm.

White Kitchen


  • Assign these decimal values to the rooms you'd like cleaned:

    • Kitchen: 1.25

    • Full Bathroom: .75

    • Half Bath: .33

    • Bedroom: .33

    • Living Room: .33

  • Entryways, stairways, laundry room: .16 each

Wall Clock

Hourly Rate

  • Add all numerical values together to get a time estimate.

  • Multiply by our hourly rate of $47.50 (plus sales tax) to get a cost estimate.

  • These numbers give a general idea; schedule an in-home consult for an official estimate!

"Each month when we get home we comment on how amazing the house looks and wish we would have started this years ago! It's such a relief for our family!"
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