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  • You can estimate the time and cost of a cleaning visit by using this guide.

  • The Residential Cleaning Services list above describes what we do in each room.

  • First cleans take longer as we adjust to your space, deep clean any neglected areas, and develop a rhythm.

White Kitchen


  • Assign these decimal values to the rooms you'd like cleaned:

    • Kitchen: 1.0

    • Full Bathroom: .75

    • Half Bath: .33

    • Bedroom: .33

    • Living Room: .33

  • Entryways, stairways, laundry room: .16 each

Wall Clock

Hourly Rate

  • Add all numerical values together to get a time estimate.

  • Multiply by our hourly rate of $42.50 (plus sales tax) to get a cost estimate.

  • These numbers give a general idea; book an in-home assessment for an official estimate!

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