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Woman-led, Minnesota small business

Founded and incorporated in 2017, today Z Green serves about 100 clients regularly in the Twin Cities. We love our clients and are passionate about supporting them in life by helping in this practical way.

Meet The Team


Founder, Manager, Residential Cleaner

Molly founded Z Green in September of 2017 with the dream to grow a team and serve clients with cleaning. She loves vacuuming, cleaning fridges and putting the finishing touches on a space. After doing most of the active cleaning at the start, she now manages the business from home while caring for her 1 year-old, Milo. She loves plants, podcasts, organizing, and brainstorming ways to improve business systems and care for clients and teammates well.



Training Manager & Residential Cleaner

Leah rejoined the team in June, 2023, after some time abroad. Leah loves the magic of a good before and after, especially in kitchens. When she's not at work, she loves being outdoors, especially hiking and paddle boarding. Leah says "Over the last 6 years I’ve had many different opportunities to travel overseas and absolutely love everything about it! A dream of mine is to create spaces for people of all backgrounds to be in community with one another! I have learned so much through seeing the world around me and I want others to experience that as well!"



Residential Cleaner

Lori joined the team in June, 2023. She loves cleaning kitchens, especially polishing fixtures to make them shine. Lori loves being outside, especially hammocking and fishing. One of her long-term goals is to hike the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail.



Residential Cleaner

Connor joined the team in September, 2023 because, in his own words, he "loves to clean, simple as that!" He is a musician, and really enjoys cleaning his studio space in his spare time. He works professional music gigs on the evenings and weekends. He is working toward owning his own home. 




General Manager

Simone joined us in August of 2019, desiring to clean again after having provided her own cleaning services in high school. She is passionate about organizing, and coming up with ways to make Z Green run more efficiently. She would clean kitchen sinks all day long, if allowed. She is currently completing a Master's degree in Piano Performance. She wonders how many miles she has vacuumed while working for Z Green.



Residential Cleaner

Annika joined the team in April, 2023. After having worked facilities management, she was eager to transfer her skills to home cleaning. Annika loves bringing order to chaotic spaces, and finds cleaning to be very therapeutic. When she isn't cleaning, you can find her outdoors, even in winter weather. She loves snowshoeing, iceskating, rock climbing and biking. She is currently getting her Bachelor's in Speech Language Hearing Sciences with the hope of being a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist.




Residential Cleaner

Nori joined the team in August 2023. She has previous cleaning experience, and was excited to use her skills again. She loves the instant satisfaction of transforming a space, and her favorite area to clean is the bathroom. Nori also loves reading and playing the piano when she's not at work. Longterm, she is working toward owning her own home. 



Residential Cleaner

Josie joined the team in August, 2023. She previously worked as a nanny and housecleaner, and was excited about the opportunity to clean more consistently. Her favorite part about cleaning is seeing the joy it brings to clients when they arrive at a freshly-cleaned home. When she's not cleaning, you can find her painting or playing with her son. She is in school to become a sonographer. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 4.27.07 PM.png


Training Manager & Residential Cleaner

Morgan joined the team in April, 2022. She has always enjoyed how cleaning can make a space more enjoyable to live in. She loves the process of transforming a space, and has a great eye for details. She also works at a clinic helping people improve their mobility and flexibility. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, yoga, and exploring the outdoors. 



Residential Cleaner

Kate joined the team in September, 2023. She heard about Z Green from other employees and was drawn to the flexible, positive work environment. Kate loves cleaning floors, and finds house cleaning very satisfying. Kate also loves working with ceramics. Her goal is to be a school social worker. 



Residential Cleaner

Adora joined the team in July, 2023. She was excited to work for Z Green since cleaning helps her relax and provides relief from stress. She is passionate about how a clean house can contribute to physical and mental well-being. When she's not at work, she loves walking her dog since it gives her a great chance to get exercise and be in nature. She also works as a freelance graphic designer.



Residential Cleaner

Maren joined the team in October, 2023. She was looking for a job that would keep her on her feet and provide great coworkers - she came to the right place! Her favorite areas to clean are kitchens and bedrooms. Maren is currently enrolled in the Aveda Institute of Art and Sciences, and her long-term goal is to own her own hair salon.

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