Meet the Team

Women-led, Minnesota small business

In 2017, Molly decided on a name and incorporated Z Green Cleaning! Today we serve about 100 clients regularly in the Twin Cities. We love our clients and are passionate about supporting them in life by helping in this practical way.

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"I've always enjoyed cleaning and organizing. When I was young, I'd make coupons for birthdays/holidays offering to help friends and family clean out closets, organize cupboards or clean specific rooms.

After college I was cleaning for a couple clients in addition to my full-time work, when I realized that I wanted to gradually make cleaning my main job. I love helping others by taking cleaning off their plate! I couldn't be happier to work each day with outstanding clients and teammates alike."

-Molly Z.



Founder, Manager, Cleaning Consultant

Molly founded Z Green in September of 2017 with the dream to grow a team and serve clients with cleaning. She loves vacuuming, cleaning fridges and putting the finishing touches on a space. After doing most of the active cleaning at the start, she now manages the business from home while caring for her 1 year-old, Milo. She loves plants, podcasts, organizing, and brainstorming ways to improve business systems and care for clients and teammates well.



Training Manager & Cleaning Consultant 

Bridget joined us in September 2021. She loves how a clean and organized space can improve your mood. Fun fact, our former teammate, Maddie, is her step-daughter! She loves getting to work with her when the schedule allows. Bridget also works in Marketing. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, entertaining, and learning about wine.

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Cleaning Consultant

Bio coming soon!

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Cleaning Consultant

Bio coming soon!



Admin Assistant

Simone joined us in August of 2019, desiring to clean again after having provided her own cleaning services in high school. She is passionate about organizing, and coming up with ways to make Z Green run more efficiently. She would clean kitchen sinks all day long, if allowed. She is currently completing a Master's degree in Piano Performance



Cleaning Consultant

Krista joined us in February 2019! For fun, she loves expressing herself creatively through painting and drawing. Her eye for detail carries over into cleaning work and is steller at making a room look clean and tidy! One of her lifelong dreams is to live in Europe doing nothing but painting and drinking outstanding coffee. Fun fact: our updated logo was designed by her. 



Cleaning Consultant

Emily joined the team in July, 2022. She needed a part-time job in order to have time to complete her training to become a marriage and family therapist. When she isn't cleaning or pursuing her therapy license, you can find Emily making music in her band, Laplant Road. (Look them up!) She loves shining up glass and metal fixtures, and she is excellent at it. Long term, she would like to move somewhere warmer with her husband, Jake, and dog, Maggie. 

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Cleaning Consultant

Bio coming soon!



Quality Control Supervisor

Abbey joined the team in 2019 as a cleaning consultant. She took a break in 2021, but rejoined in the fall to perform quality checks for the team. When she's not working for Z Green, she can be found refinishing furniture, for her business Good For The Home. She lives in Roseville with her husband and (adorable) dog.



Cleaning Consultant

Myah joined our team in April of 2019 and says she is abundantly thankful for all the cleaning skills she has learned since then. She feels she has gained a neater, more organized perspective in her own spaces as well. Outside of work, Myah is studying for her psychology degree and is a fabulous photographer! Many of the photos used on our website were done by her!

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Cleaning Consultant

Lydia started work in May, 2022. She heard about us from Rachel, her sister, who formerly worked for us! Lydia is currently in school at St. Thomas, getting a degree in entrepreneurship. She enjoys cleaning windows best, and when she's not at work, you might find her scoping out coffee shops in the twin cities. She currently works for her church, and as a sales associate at Madewell, in addition to her cleaning. After college, her goal is to start her own business. 



Cleaning Consultant

Bio and photo coming soon!