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Providing a cleaning experience that makes time for life,
keeps a peaceful home, and cares for our earth

Z Green Cleaning

"We love everything about Z Green! The friendly and accommodating owner, the friendly staff; it's a wonderful woman-led company that we're thrilled to support."

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Our team and client list have grown through referrals, which has fostered a foundation of trust. It is a vulnerable act opening up your home, and we take our job seriously. Each Z Green team member has passed a background check and is committed to honesty, confidentiality, and integrity.



We prioritize the details in our service. Our checklists and protocols ensure we get into all the nooks and crannies, to leave your home looking and feeling clean.  We take pride in the little things, whether it's shining your faucets or dusting your baseboards.

Living Room


Before your first clean, Molly will meet with you for an in-home assessment and create an individualized checklist according to your needs. During your time as a client, your checklist can be updated at any time to reflect your ongoing preferences.