Clean water changed Tencia's life

Last week we announced our campaign to give 1% of monthly sales to charity:water. Your feedback and support has been amazing! Thank you for being excited about this, too.

We want to share a real-life story of the impact charity:water is making and why we are so passionate about their mission. Read on to learn how clean water changed Tencia's life...

This post and image are from charity:water.

Before she had access to clean water, Tencia used to spend the first half of every day walking and waiting in line to collect water from a river outside her village. It was never enough water for her family, and it left her very little time to earn money. As a single mom, life was incredibly challenging.

"When we were fetching water from the river it took so much time. There was no time for other activities. Now we can get water 1, 2, 3, 4 times from the borehole because it's so close!"

Today, with a hand-pump in the middle her village, Tencia can collect as much clean water as her family needs. And better yet, she has plenty of time to focus on things that truly matter: like building her bread-making business and improving the future of her family.

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