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Say goodbye to chemical window cleaners! Use water instead

Water is one of the most effective cleaning tools around. While it hasn't been proven that hot water from our tap can kill bacteria (it would have to be wayyy hotter than that), it sure does make a difference when cleaning up greasy, sticky messes.

Did you know you can clean windows and mirrors without a harsh, chemical cleaner? These chemical cleaners aren't healthy for people or the environment. Keep reading to learn how you can clean with just water...

Traditionally, Windex (or an equivalent) and paper towels have been the tools of choice for this task. However, you can clean your mirrors and windows well––and dare we say more effectively and healthfully––with water and microfiber cloths!

At Z Green, we use a warm, damp microfiber cloth to clean mirrors and window. Of course, we're partial to Norwex because of their mission and quality, but feel free to try out what you might have on hand.

Once your cloth is wet, wipe the mirror or window top to bottom. It's important to use an "S" pattern! Follow up with a dry microfiber to dry, polish, and shine the glass.

It's that simple!


What other chemical sprays and cleaners can you say goodbye to? You might be surprised.

We encourage you to visit the Environmental Working Group's Guide to Healthy Cleaning and enter specific cleaners you use in your home. Here you can evaluate which products are truly safe for you.

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