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Meet Molly, founder of Z Green

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

When you meet Molly, you'll quickly learn she's a go-getter and dream-chaser. She's dedicated to maintaining an excellent business and passionate about investing in her people. Creating a successful, growing cleaning business didn't happen overnight, though.

Molly comes from an entrepreneurial family. Both her parents and many relatives have started their own businesses. From a young age, Molly witnessed the power of hard work and perseverance.

Fast-forward to 2015, when Molly found herself sitting at a desk working a job she didn't love. At the same time, she started cleaning for a few friends. (Can you tell where this is headed?) It went well, so Molly took a risk: she left her full-time job to turn her side-hustle into a business. A lot has changed during the past few years... Z Green Cleaning has grown from one employee to nearly 15, and we currently serve more than 80 amazing clients. But, even after challenges and changes, Molly's purpose has stayed the same.

The foundation of Molly's ambition and success is an honest desire to serve people in a tangible way. At Z Green, this looks like offering a quality cleaning experience safe for humans and our earth. If you're new here or simply curious, keep reading for three fun facts about our fearless leader.

1. Molly has 72 plants in her home (yes, really!).

2. If she could eat only one sauce for the rest of her life, she'd pick pesto.

3. Molly can drive a tractor!

4. She prefers unscented candles.

5. Molly has played the piano since she was 6.

Thanks for stopping by, friend! We can't wait to share more resources and connect with you soon.

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