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4 reasons green cleaning is good for people

Why should you care about green cleaning? Does using safe products even make a difference? Yes! Today we're sharing five reasons green cleaning is good for people—like you. We believe cleaning well can make life better for ourselves and those we love.

1. Green Cleaning Is Better for Your Health

Most conventional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals associated with health problems. Coughing, sneezing, rashes, trouble breathing, headaches, and more can be caused by harsh cleaners (and some used daily).

2. It Improves Air Quality

Not only are many cleaning products dangerous if consumed, inhaled, or touched but fumes linger in the air long after a product is put away. Using safe products means you can rest, work, and play knowing the air in your home isn't harmful.

3. Green Cleaning Makes Your Home Safer

Have you looked at the warning labels on the cleaning products in your home? (Flammable! and Toxic! are common.) When you switch to green cleaning, you don't have to worry about children or pets getting into dangerous chemicals. Home should be a happy, safe place for your family.

4. It's Cheaper!

Why have five different products when one can get the job(s) done? For example, the all-purpose spray we bring to clients' homes is used on stovetops, showers, sinks, tables, and more. That's right—green cleaning keeps your cabinets clutter-free and your budget happy!

We hope you've learned why we advocate for safe, green cleaning. Don't be overwhelmed—you don't have to change everything overnight. If you feel inspired, think of just one way you can make your cleaning experience better for you and your family.

New here? Meet Z Green's founder, Molly!

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