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3 reasons green cleaning is good for the earth

In our last post, we shared why green cleaning is good for people, but its benefits don't stop there! Keep reading to learn why environmentally friendly cleaning is good for the environment, too.

It Reduces Pollution

Using clean, safe, sustainable cleaning products like Norwex reduces the waste and toxic chemicals that go into our environment. Beyond the air in your home, cleaning products end up in bodies of water and the air. Cleaning supplies without these chemicals reduce pollution, which is good for you and the people around you.

Green Cleaning Creates Less Waste

Many green cleaning products come in recyclable packaging. Instead of going to a landfill, these containers are recycled and the material is eventually reused. Or, if you make your own environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, you can go waste-free by using reusable plastic or glass containers.

It Helps Limit Environmental Problems

Martin Wolf, a director at Seventh Generation, said many of their products are nontoxic to users or the environment. The ingredients in green cleaning supplies don't contribute to issues like global warming, ozone layer depletion, or aquatic toxicity. And because most environmentally friendly companies share their ingredient lists, it's easy to hold them accountable and know for sure you're making a difference.

Are you interested in seeing how the cleaning products under your sink rank? Even products labeled with "green" are not always safe. Check out and enter your specific product to see an assessment.

Thank you for reading why green cleaning is good for our earth and environment! We hope this motivates you to take whatever small steps you can to make our collective home a better, healthier place.

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