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3 benefits of clean spaces

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Did you know that living in uncluttered spaces can improve your overall health? It's true! Here are three benefits of a clean, organized home:

1. Reduced stress

Studies show that people are less stressed when they come home to a tidy, restful space.

2. Increased productivity

Have you ever tried to get something done, only to be distracted by that pile of "stuff" in the corner? Maybe you're not able to start working until your office is clean. Our brains can't look at too much at once, which means a messy space can be overwhelming. Clutter is distracting, so keeping a clean, organized home can help you get more done—faster.

3. Healthier living

Less stress usually means better sleep, but that's not all! One study found people who made their beds every morning were 19% more likely to sleep better. Staying on top of cleaning can also give you more time to exercise and prepare healthy meals.

If you feel satisfied after cleaning or energized when organizing, now you know why! Want to learn more? Learn why green cleaning is good for people and good for the earth.


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