Meet Our Team

These gals are astounding human beings! It's an honor to get to be their boss.

Our team is all referral-based, committed to good communication and integrity.

Each member has passed a background check and has received thorough on-the-job training.

Every gal puts in the cleaning time of course, but I also love hearing about their other passions and goals in life.

I aim to create an awesome job opportunity for where they're each at, while finding ways to utilize

their talents to help them grow and perhaps better Z Green in the process!

Molly Z.


Jazmin has been with from the start!  She joined the team in January 2018 as a part time job throughout college. Since then, she has graduated and begun teaching/directing high school theatre students. When she’s not working, Jazmin loves spending time with her baby sisters and attending musicals and plays with her fiance.


Paisley, found out about  Z Green through a facebook post in April of 2018. Paisley’s favorite space to clean is the kitchen as she gets a kick out of how well they shine up. Her lifelong dream is to work as a therapist/counselor for the Syrian refugees and any other displaced groups affected by terrorism. One of the most driven, charismatic girls, Paisley makes a wonderful addition to our team!


Krista joined us in February 2019! For fun, Krista loves expressing herself creatively through painting and drawing. Her eye for detail carries over into cleaning work and is steller at making a room look clean and tidy! One of her lifelong dreams is to live in Europe doing nothing but painting and drinking outstanding coffee. Fun fact: our updated logo was designed by her. 


Kayla joined the team in July of 2018 after being referred from another Z Green alum, Ella! While cleaning for the team, Kayla is also pursuing her nursing degree. Her dream is to work in labor and delivery and eventually use those skills for missions across the world. Kayla is one of the kindest and hard-working people. We can't wait to see how a nursing role plays into her strengths!


Myah joined our team in April of 2019 and says she is abundantly thankful for all the cleaning skills she has learned since then. She feels she has gained a neater, more organized perspective in her own spaces as well. Outside of work, Myah is studying for her psychology degree and is a fabulous photographer! Most of the photos used on our website were taken/edited by her!


Abbey joined the team at the start of August 2019! With a passion for refurbishing and flipping furniture, Abbey thought cleaning with us at Z Green would be a great pair while she works on getting her staging and design business off the ground - called, Good For The Home! Abbey loves seeing a space really transform after deep cleaning and she enjoys tidying and making spaces look extra cozy.


Simone started cleaning in August of 2019, desiring to start again after having provided her own cleaning services in high school. Her two biggest passions are language and music, which she combines together through teaching piano lessons and working as a research assistant for a professor. Along with all three occupations, she is currently teaching herself French! Simone has brought such a fun energy to the Z Green team.


Tsola joined the team in September of 2019, seeking a flexible schedule and a company with a wholesome mission. She loves how cleaning homes offers her time to think, de-stress, and walk away feeling satisfied and accomplished. One of her personal goals is to finish her degree in biokinetics and eventually become an occupational therapist!


Corrin is a part time K-8 music teacher and started cleaning with Z Green in September as an addition to her weekly work schedule. She felt cleaning not only helped provide financial stability, but is a great decompressor. In her free time, Corrin loves to sing and try out new recipes at home.


Bianca started Z Green in October of 2019, drawn in by the flexible hours and the customer driven aspect of the company. Her favorite part about it is being able to give time back to families that otherwise would have been spent cleaning. Bianca’s long term dream is to use her finance and accounting degree to become a financial advisor and one day start her own business!


Jaeden joined us this October after getting to know Molly and feeling out the unique atmosphere of the team. Jaeden’s favorite part about cleaning is getting to see before/after pictures from a home and knowing we are making life a little easier for our clients. In her free time, Jaeden loves spending time with her friends, reading, writing, and hiking.


Michlyn started working with us in December 2019! She has always enjoyed cleaning and was thrilled with the flexible hours. Off the clock, she loves to read, be outdoors as much as possible, and spend time with her chocolate lab named Hank. Michlyn's dream job is to be an elementary teacher, which she is pursuing this coming Fall!


Callie started with us in March of 2019, looking to make a little extra money on her day off of her hairdressing career. She loves seeing the big smiles on her client's faces as she turns the chair to the mirror after working her magic. Similarly, she enjoys how cleaning gives a great before-and-after to our clients. In her free time you may find her embroidering, and furthering her hairdressing education so she can be the best she can be!


Emily added cleaning with us to her schedule starting in June 2020! She is a talented musician with a long-term goal of teaching music and traveling throughout the Twin Cities performing. She finds Z Green to be a perfect part-time job that allows an active outlet to her day and loves how hard work on a task can bring satisfaction and sparkling results! Emily enjoys singing, reading, traveling and playing the violin.

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness
from living within that environment.”

Marie Kondo

Roseville, MN

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